Tribesmen Alumni

Mick Medew: Tribesmen mainstay and singer-songwriter, Mick's under-rated guitar playing earned him the title of tenacious road beast. Mick currently leads Brisbane rock act Mick Medew and the Rumours.

Chris Masuak: Former Radio Birdman and Hitmen axeman, ARIA hall of famer, Klondike as done it all. Currently residing in Spain as a guitar for hire Chris's crystal clear production skills are a highlight of the "Date with a Vampyre" era recordings.

Bob Wackley: Bass player with seminal Brisbane punk band Razar, Bob brought a strong melodic presence to the band via Sydney's Grooveyard. He currently resides in the US.

Warwick Fraser: Sticksman and life-long Alice Cooper devotee Warwick Fraser joined the band after the recording of the Vampyre EP. A veteran of Sydney bands Hoi Polloi, Feather amongst others Warwick can be found bashing his vintage Ludwig kit around Sydney most weekends.

John Hartley: Founding member and bassist Hartley appeared on their I Don't Wanna Know EP and a string of successful singles, including "A Stand Alone" and their first hit, "Igloo" up until the band moved base to Sydney, home of their original label Citadel Records.

Murray Shepherd: Along with John Hartley, drumming powerhouse Murray fresh out the Fun Things formed the original line-up with Mick Medew in 1981. Muzz as performed in successful acts The Monarchs, with brother, Brad, and is currently a member of both the Hitmen and the Ride-Ons.

Ron Peno: The band's original singer and band-mate from the 31st, Peno co-wrote "Igloo" with Mick Medew and went onto to stardom as lead singer of the Died Pretty.

Chris Welch: As drummer with legendary Brisbane band 31st, Chris went on to join the Tribesmen in the mid 80s. After that he went on to the highly successful Died Pretty with Ron Peno.

Jeff Silver: Melbourne bassist and songwriter, Jeff Silver joined the post Bones and Flower line-up after stints in Radio Luxembourg and The Volcanoes. Jeff's contribution to the latter day Tribesmen was significant.

Ritchie Hine: Geelong born Hine joined straight from Radio Luxembourg as part of the re-constituted line-up with Jeff Silver and Glenn Morris. Ritchie's powerhouse drumming heralded an era of a harder edge to the band.

Glenn Morris: Sydney born Morris joined the band after stints in a number of accomplished acts immediately after international success with Kings of the Sun. Glenn's ear for melody and rock playing suited the style of the band like a glove.

Paul Larsen: Ex-Celibate Rifles drummer, Larsen toured and recorded during the 1993 "Formaldehyde" album era. He currently resides in Sydney and continues to play with his former Rifles band-mates.

Peter Cann:Sydney born and from the southern rock heartland of Sydney, Peter toured with the band in 1991 bringing a hard rock, yet melodic tinge to the band.

Tony Cardinal: Tony's stint in the Tribesmen came after a long term gig with successful Sydney glam hard rockers, The Candy Harlots.

Ash Geary: Guitarist Ash Geary brought a hard rock edge to the band which can be evidenced on "Got you on my mind" from the "Formaldehyde" album. Along with drummer Chris Dixon, Geary is currently a member of Mick Medew & the Rumours.

Chris Dixon: Dixon a former Lost Boys member with compadre Ash Geary joined the band in the early 90s. He continues to play with Mick & Ash in the Rumours with bassist Paul Hawker.

Brian Mann: Ex Brisbane stalwart of The Girlies and Headstones, Brian joined after the departure of Glenn Morris.

Tony Robertson: Another Brisbane boy, Robbo, or The Kid as he is known, a Hitman, Naked Lunch, the legendary 31st and currently in The Little Murders was a valuable contributor in the early era. A co-writer of the classic song "Ice", Robbo has always been a favourite of the band.

Brad Shepherd: The Brisbane connection continued even though Brad had moved to Sydney. Muzz's brother joined the band in between his stints in the Hitmen and the Hoodoo Gurus.

Mark Kingsmill: A Sydney native Kingsmill also joined the band after a successful stint in the Hitmen with both Klondike and Brad. He left the Tribesmen and joined Bard for what was an extraordinarily successful stint in the Hoodoo Gurus.

Michael Charles: The very popular Michael Charles can be heard pounding the skins on the mega-successful “Date With A Vampyre” EP. He also had a stint in The Shy Imposters with Richard Burgmann and Peter Oxley from the Sunnyboys.

Marc Lee De Hugar: Red hot guitar slinger, De Hugar was a friend of the band from the Candy Harlots days and played with the band briefly during 1995. He now lives on the Gold Coast.

Andy Newman: Andy was a bass-player and member of the final line-up of the band in the mid-1990s. He had the misfortune of never actually playing a gig, but was a full member of the band. He can be seen playing with Klondike's North 40, The Deniz Tek Group and Decline of the Reptiles.