Q & A with Bob

Bob Wackley

Name: Robert Wackley

Nom de Plume: Bob

Instrument: Bass

Currently residing: Michigan, USA

First band you were in: Razar

What have you been doing for the past twenty-odd years: Playing in bar bands, recording with friends at Apple-Tiki studio, VP of Opium Music

What band/s do you play in these days: White Rabbit, Pull My Finger

What gear do you use: Hofner & Kramer basses, Ampeg amps

What do you listen to nowadays: Mostly the ringing in my ears! To name just a few - Them Crooked Vultures, Queens of the Stone Age, Dead Weather, Wolfmother, Igby Iris & IGGY of course.

Name your favourite Screaming Tribesmen tune - and tell us why:
'Living Vampyre' is a lot of fun to play.
Best memory of your time in the Tribesmen: Recording with the guys. Watching the synergy of Alan Thorne and Chris Masuak in the studio is the first memory to come to mind.
Strangest touring moment: ...
Who did you usually room with and tell us something we don’t know about them: We usually mixed it up. I'm not say who but one of us always wore odd socks...
Addams Family or The Munsters: Munsters

Ginger or Maryanne: I wouldn't discriminate.

Song you never want to play again:
'The Ballad of Edmund Fitzgerald'

Song you never tire of hearing: 'Red Red Wine'

Favourite book:
'Guzziology' by Dave Richardson

Favourite venue to play and why: The Prince of Wales (The POW) in St. Kilda. Good stage & sound and the punters were always having a good time.

What Superhero/Antihero do you identify most with and why: Eric Cartman

Do you cook : If so what is your signature dish: I let other people cook because I am terrible at it.

What is number one thing to do on your bucket list: Does play with the Screaming Tribesmen count?