Q & A with Klondike


Name: Chris Klondike Masuak 


Nom de Plume: Klondike


Instrument: Guitar


Currently residing: Spain


Currently reading: Thinkers of The East by Idries Shah


First band you were in: MANTA


What have you been doing for the past twenty-odd years: Rockin' with The Hitmen, Radio Birdman, Klondike's North 40, and being a hired gun for bands all over the planet.


What band/s do you play in these days: Klondike's North 40, The Outside, Simon Chainsaw, The Hitmen, and The Screaming Tribesmen.


What gear do you use: I swap guitars according to my mood and have different setups on different continents. At the moment the famous French luthier Roger Daguet is building me a replica of an old '50's guitar I was given way back in...well, way back! And, Thunder Tomate in Spain are designing my pedals, which I use mainly for boosting solos.


What do you listen to nowadays: Jazz and Eastern music.


Name your favourite Screaming Tribesmen tune - and tell us why: That's like asking which of my kids I love the most!


Best memory of your time in the Tribesmen: Our "triumphant return" tour of oZ after a brutal tour of the USA.


Strangest touring moment: Visiting blues clubs in Chicago. Eyeballing the guitarist and forcing him to impress the long haired white guys. He did!


Who did you usually room with and tell us something we don’t know about them: Mick. He's actually as nice as he looks.


Addams Family or The Munsters: Marilyn Munster.


Ginger or Maryanne: Both, of course!


Song you never want to play again: Shouldn't say...


Song you never tire of hearing: Tala'a al Badru Alayna by Yusuf Islam     .


Favourite book: Al Kitab


Favourite venue to play and why: Each and every one of 'em! Cause I love to play!!


What Superhero/Antihero do you identify most with and why: Super Bwoing from The Super 6. He would ride out to battle on his guitar crying "Zip, Zam, Zowie, and Swoosh!"


Do you cook ? If so what is your signature dish: I cook whenever I can. Sadly, in Spain I can't find the ingredients to make the fiery hot dishes I like the best.


What is number one thing to do on your bucket list: I have a daily "to do" list a mile long. Who knows what's really important??