Bones and Flowers - Reissue

Bones and Flowers TRACKLISTING

1. I've Got A Feeling
2. Igloo
3. She Said
4. Girl Of My Dreams
5. Casualty Of Love
6. In His Shoes
7. Our Time At Last
8. Dream Away
9. Talk Another Language
10. Living Vampyre
11. 11.Color Me Gone (B-side)
12. Don't Turn Away (B-side)
13. This Bar (Demo)
14. .Cold December (Demo)
15. What You Said (Demo)
16. Teutonic (Live)


Australian residents only $22.00 inc postage 


The only album released by the classic Screaming Tribesmen line-up featuring former Radio Birdman/Hitmen/New Christs guitarist Chris Masuak, together with bonus tracks, including never before heard demo and live tracks.

Recorded at the peak of their powers and popularity in 1987, Bones & Flowers took the band to the States where they came close to a hit single with 'I Got A Feeling'.

This CD features the album's original 10 tracks, plus the killer B-sides 'Color Me Gone' and 'Don't Turn Away' along with 3 1986 demos of tracks that never ended up appearing on any Tribesmen release ('This Bar', 'What You Said' and 'Cold December'), and a scorching live track from '88, again of a track that's never appeared on a Tribesmen record, 'Teutonic'. So, 16 tracks in all.